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Application for Membership

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Area Designation will be determined by the address indicated above unless otherwise stated: View Map.
Must send list of horses and riders to Show Department. (Area designation is not retroactive.)

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  Regular Membership (Expires December 31st)


· Individual/Joint -One Vote [May be held by a Husband & Wife]


· Joint -Two Votes (each vote in Vice President and Director elections) [May be held by a Husband & Wife]


· Youth -No Chatter [Age 18 & Under]- Birthday Required

Amount Clear

  Lifetime Membership


· Youth -No Chatter [Expires Age 19] - Birthday Required


· Individual/Joint -One Vote [See optional fees for 2nd vote for Joint Membership]

$300 · Lifetime -Rider 1 Fee for NON-Pro and/or AMATEUR card (##) Lifetime Membership Required
$300 · Lifetime - Rider 2 Fee for NON-Pro and/or AMATEUR card (##) Lifetime Membership Required

Amount Clear

  Other Optional Fees [Must be paid annually]

$30 · Lifetime Membership Joint Option [Two Votes] Lifetime Membership Required
$75 · Additional Mailing Fee for Magazine - Countries Oversea [Must select Dues also]
$55 · Upgrade to 1st class Mailing Fee for Magazine -United States [Must select Dues also]
$20 · Rider 1 Fee for NON-Pro and/or AMATEUR card (##)
$20 · Rider 2 Fee for NON-Pro and/or AMATEUR card (##)
$120* · PROFESSIONAL TRAINER dues. (Includes $100 PAC fee.)
$20 · Cutters in Action Membership (CIA - NCHA foundation)

* Trainer Fee Includes $100 PAC Fee.  Do you wish to opt out of this Fee?
(##) (Non-Pro/Amateur application required, if you are new or your status has changed)

Are you 29 years of age or younger and/or have children 29 years of age or younger who are also members of the NCHA?
Donation to CIA:   Donation to NYCHA Organization:   Donation to PAC:  

Payment:Card #Expiration Date: MMYY
If paying by check, please print & mail (along with payment) to the address indicated above, Attn: Membership.

As a condition of membership: I/We agree to become familiar with and be bound by the rules of the National Cutting Horse Association. I/We expressly agree to have all disputes related to compliance with or violation of these rules resolved by the procedures provided in the rules.  If under 21 years of age, please have a parent or legal guardian submit this application for you.  You further understand that by providing your mailing and/or email address(es), that you consent to receive mail and emails sent by or on behalf of the NCHA and that you have the requisite authority to give this permission to the NCHA on behalf of yourself and your company.

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Dues payments MAY BE deductible by Members as an ordinary and necessary business expense; however, contributions or gifts to the National Cutting Horse Association are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. However, donations to the Cutters In Action (NCHA Charities Foundation)(501)(c)(3) charitable organization, are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. $6.00 of annual membership dues are designated for a subscription to the Cutting Horse Chatter, NCHA's official member publication.

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